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Sullivan East VS Elizabethton 1/23/24




Sullivan East Patriots Vs. Elizabethton Cyclones


Girls Final Score SE-61  EH-64


Jacob’s Thoughts:


To start, this game and the one that happened two weeks ago are almost like night and day.  Defensive communication, offensive movement, and the ability to attack weaknesses shown by the Lady Cyclones showed me that this lady patriots team is rising.  The outcome definitely was not what Patriot Nation wanted, but growth for a young team like we saw on Tuesday was great to see.  Asia Cairns, 24 points on the night, is beginning to grow into a role similar to what Jenna Hare had last year for this team, but she has had some tremendous help from foreign exchange student Paulina Hofer, who had 20 on the night.  Michelle Shields had only 6 points for Elizabethton never really had a chance to get running, especially with her having a majority of the Cyclones scoring in the previous matchup.  In my opinion, this matchup was ultimately decided by the fact that Elizabethton had a size advantage in the post over Sullivan East, and Marlee Mathena had found an outside shot, not that she needed it being the tallest woman on the court at any given time.  Mathena 17 points on the night and Jamira Smalls 10 points on the night make quite the dynamic post duo, one that I believe the Lady Cyclones will miss next season once Mathena graduates.  Sophie Johnson, who plays most of the post minutes for the Lady Patriots did well, but will need help with these large threats as her varsity time continues.  


3A Region 1 Standings:

  1. Elizabethton: 4-1 Conference, 7-13 Overall
  2. David Crockett: 3-0 Conference, 17-2 Overall
  3. Tennessee High: 1-1 Conference, 13-7 Overall
  4. Sullivan East: 0-2 Conference, 3-14 Overall
  5. Unicoi County: 0-4 Conference, 13-10 Overall


Boys Final Score: SE-76  EH-37


Jacob’s Thoughts:


To quote the great Jim Ross, this game was a bonafide Slobber Knocker.  The Patriots came out red hot, ready to fight, and threw haymakers from the tip.  Elizabethton was without guard Jeriah Griffin for this matchup, and it showed.  Patriot Scoring was fairly balanced, but the Patriots utilized 2 players in the matchup to take control and keep the throttle pumping.  Corbin Laisure led in scoring with 21 points, and 4 blocks on the night, followed by Tyler Cross with 20 points.  The defense for the patriots was stifling, forcing a total 24 turnovers on Betsy, with east only having 10.  Rebounding in this matchup was dominated by the patriots, till garbage time came around, but by that point the victory was almost guaranteed.  Drake fisher finished with only 7 points on the night, but dictated the pace during his minutes on the floor.  Elizabethton, to put it bluntly, never had a chance to do anything, with no cyclones scoring more than 6 points.  The Patriots will have their hands full next week, with tough foes like TN High, Unicoi County, and David Crocket all being seen. 


3A Region 1 Standings:

  1. Sullivan East: 2-0 Conference, 9-8 Overall
  2. Tennessee High: 2-0 Conference, 10-12 Overall
  3. David Crockett: 2-1 Conference, 15-4 Overall
  4. Unicoi County: 2-2 Conference, 18-6 Overall
  5. Elizabethton: 0-5 Conference, 6-13 Overall