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Sullivan East VS Elizabethton 1/5/24




Sullivan East Patriots Vs. Elizabethton Cyclones


Girls Final Score SE-55 EH-77


Jacob’s Thoughts:


To put it bluntly, the Lady Patriots never get a chance to get going.  The Lady Cyclones started the game on a 12-0 run led by Michelle Shields, who finished the game with a whopping 32 points.  Other impact players for the Lady Cyclones included Marlee Mathena with 14 points, and Jamire Smalls with 11 points.  Even though the loss may look one sided, the Lady Patriots did have some bright moments in the game.  Asia Cairnes led on the evening with 15 points, picking up where she left off being the teams rebounding machine and aggressive defender, Paulina Hofer followed with 14 points , slashing her way to the rim and to the free-throw line all throughout the evening. Sophie Johnson was up to the task of facing imposing post players that had a size advantage on her, giving Smalls and Mathena both issues when she was on the floor.  Some Solid 3 point shooting from outside the arch Lady Patriots will help them in future matchups, especially with the Lady Patriots next contest being against a tough, talented Lady Viking Team from Tennessee High.


3A Region 1 Standings:

  1. David Crockett 1-0 Conference, 15-1 Overall
  2. Elizabethton 1-0 Conference, 5-8 Overall
  3. Unicoi County 0-1 Conference, 5-5 Overall
  4. Sullivan East 0-1 Conference, 2-9 Overall
  5. Tennessee High 0-0 Conference, 11-6 Overall


Boys Final Score: SE-56, EH-42


Jacob’s Thoughts:


To summarize this victory from the patriots in one word, it would be unselfish.  4 different Patriots broke double digits in the win, Tyler Cross leading with 13 points, Ben Lowe with 12 points, Corbin Laisure with 11 points, and shockingly Drake Fisher with 10 points on the evening.  Jackson Hobbs had 18 points for Elizabethton, followed by Mac Paulson with 12 points off the bench.  When Paulson subbed in for Elizabethton, his points broke a 10-0 run by the Patriots.  The Patriots passed the ball extremely well,   and forced the Cyclones to make many turnovers throughout the game.  The game never got closer than a 6 point East lead after the 0-0 Tipoff.  Fishner, who last year dominated in scoring, played a different role with his team, using his natural talents to deflect many passes, get steals, contest shots, and find wide open teammates with his fantastic vision of the hardwood.  

The Patriots tough beginning of the season looks like it is paying off, seeming to handle the speed, and agility the Cyclones possessed. As they continue into conference play, the lessons learned from schools like Mentor will help them handle the great guard play seen in Upper Lakes play.  The Patriots next action is against the Tennessee High Vikings, who have a potential conference player of the year on their roster with guard Colin Brown.  The Patriots are going to have to have someone on him at all times if they want to win this game.


3A Region 1 Standings:

  1. Unicoi County 1-0 Conference, 17-4 Overall
  2. Sullivan East 1-0 Conference, 6-8 Overall
  3. David Crockett 0-1 Conference, 12-1 Overall
  4. Elizabethton 0-1 Conference, 6-8 Overall
  5. Tennessee High 0-0 Conference, 7-11 Overall